Portfolio diversification for balance and opportunity

Achieve a balance of risk and reward

We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, and portfolio diversification, in simple terms, is the practice of this. Diversified portfolios help to limit your risk exposure and are an effective tool for reducing risk and volatility in the long-term.

We have the the support and resources of a leading financial investment company (Schroders), so you can have confidence in us to determine the best approach for your specific goals and risk profile.

How our approach works

Take an informed approach to investing by working alongside our reputable team who will build a portfolio to meet your objectives.


Build long-term

We’re not going to sell you the new and exciting product that will make you wealthy in the next five years; we are focused on long-term wealth that will work for you now, but most importantly, in the future.


Create an investment

To deliver a compelling service, we work collaboratively with a discretionary manager. We’ve built our own range of discretionary portfolios absolutely aligned to your risk profile and the associated strategic asset allocation.


Spread risks between

When done right, a diverse portfolio can help minimise volatility as each asset class will perform differently depending on the environment. We want what’s best for you and won’t focus on short-term, quick fixes. 


Educate you
along the way

As time goes on, the markets will shift, as will your priorities and personal circumstances. With our ongoing review service, we will keep track of where your investments are headed and adjust them if necessary.

What our clients say

As a time-constrained professional, with a diversified portfolio of assets including rental properties, I needed proactive ongoing concise advice from a trustworthy source covering overall planning as well as detailed investment advice. David takes the time to understand my developing planning needs, advises accordingly and provides a highly professional, reassuring investment framework to bring all key elements together.


client since 2021

I realised I needed to get my pensions in order, having saved into a company scheme for many years. I had no idea what I was due, whether I was saving enough or what I was saving into. I spoke initially to a large well-known company and was left in little doubt that their interests came before mine. David was referred to me and I was comfortable from the initial discussion that his ‘planning first, non-sales’ approach suited my needs. A satisfied client for many years now.


client since 2017

For many years we were content selecting our own investments and making our own decisions. It wasn’t until we saw, with the benefit of David’s insight, where our own choices missed key efficiencies or left important gaps. 20 years on we continue to work with David


client since 2002

Making financial planning interesting is a rare ability. Working with David over the years has, thankfully, given me an interest in making sure I pay attention to my financial future


client since 2012

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