Understanding how we charge

Being open and honest about our fees is imperative, as we understand it’s one of the first things you will look for and consider when searching for a financial planner. We do not hide our costs, and we have a transparent charging structure, so you can be certain we are working efficiently for your benefit.

Your financial planner will confirm the fee level before undertaking work. By taking our advice, we will aim to ensure you are better off than if you choose to make your own financial decisions.

Initial meeting

You will incur no charge for the initial meeting

We get the ball rolling with an initial conversation to understand your needs, explain how we add value and discuss your attitude to risk.

It’s at this stage that we will determine whether we are the right fit for one another. This meeting typically takes one hour and is held at no expense to you.

Financial plan

Our fee for preparing your financial plan is £1,500.

This involves your financial planner undertaking the process of thoroughly analysing your current position based on their extensive knowledge of financial markets and diligently researching potential solutions for your needs.


1% of funds invested

We will implement your strategy on your behalf if you agree to proceed. We charge 1% of funds invested for this service.

Our team will be on hand to assist you in completing all the relevant forms and ensuring your applications are processed promptly.

Initial fee examples

Example 1

Total funds invested: £250,000

Financial plan: £1,500

1% fee: £2,500

Total fee: £4,000

Example 2

Total funds invested: £1,000,000

Financial plan: £1,500

1% fee: £10,000

Total fee: £11,500

Example 3

Total funds invested: £3,000,000

Financial plan: £1,500

1% fee: £30,000

Total fee: £20,000*

*A cap of £20,000 will apply to initial fees.

Other fee terms may apply for specific advice, for example, we may agree a fixed fee or an hourly rate for planning only projects.

Ongoing review services

1% per annum

As your needs change, it is important to consider how your portfolio and investments should be managed going forward.

We provide an ongoing review service designed to expertly maintain and monitor your portfolio. The benefit of this is to ensure that your objectives and attitude to risk are correctly aligned with your investments. Our ongoing service can help adapt and position your arrangements to manage changes and influencing factors. Included in our ongoing service are:

  • An annual face-to-face, web-based, or telephone review meeting
  • Assessments of your current situation, objectives, risk tolerance and investment performance in relation to your goals and circumstances
  • If necessary, periodic rebalancing of your portfolio (quarterly, annually)
  • Annual valuations
  • Meetings with a discretionary fund manager, if applicable
  • Detailed review of financial models and cashflow forecasts.

Ongoing fee examples:

Example 1

Portfolio value: £250,000

Annual fee: £2,500

Example 2

Portfolio value: £1,000,000

Annual fee: £10,000*

Example 3

Portfolio value: £3,000,000

Annual fee: £25,000*

*A decency cap of £25,000 per year applies.

What our clients say

As a time-constrained professional, with a diversified portfolio of assets including rental properties, I needed proactive ongoing concise advice from a trustworthy source covering overall planning as well as detailed investment advice. David takes the time to understand my developing planning needs, advises accordingly and provides a highly professional, reassuring investment framework to bring all key elements together.


client since 2021

I realised I needed to get my pensions in order, having saved into a company scheme for many years. I had no idea what I was due, whether I was saving enough or what I was saving into. I spoke initially to a large well-known company and was left in little doubt that their interests came before mine. David was referred to me and I was comfortable from the initial discussion that his ‘planning first, non-sales’ approach suited my needs. A satisfied client for many years now.


client since 2017

For many years we were content selecting our own investments and making our own decisions. It wasn’t until we saw, with the benefit of David’s insight, where our own choices missed key efficiencies or left important gaps. 20 years on we continue to work with David


client since 2002

Making financial planning interesting is a rare ability. Working with David over the years has, thankfully, given me an interest in making sure I pay attention to my financial future


client since 2012